Gray’s Garden Centers is a local retail nursery in Eugene and Springfield. We specialize in locally grown plants and we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable staff who pride themselves on their ability to help customers with all aspects of creating and maintaining their outdoor living space.

Gray’s History Gray’s Feed was started in 1940 by Bob Gray, who later brought his brother Carlton in to the business. In 1948 Gray’s opened a branch at 48th & Main in Springfield and that store was managed by their brother in law Charlie. Sometime later the name was changed to Gray’s Feed & Seed, then Gray’s Seed & Garden and then, in the ‘70s, to Gray's Garden Center. Like so many feed stores throughout the United States, Gray’s evolved over time into the garden center that it is today (many present day garden centers evolved either from feed stores or from fruit stands).

The sixth Street store is still in its original location, having expanded from just the East side of the current building and South of the alley to encompass the entire building and several parcels of land to the North of the alley during the early ‘90s when Grant Spies owned Gray’s. Grant also added a third location at Reed & Cross on Oakway.

In 1998, Grant sold the company to his friend Scott Bocci. Scott ended up closing the Reed & Cross location in 2001 to accommodate redevelopment of the property on Oakway. Gray’s prospered throughout the next decade and began growing stock in 2005 at the Gray’s Greenhouses.

In 2007, Gray’s sold once again to James Kline of Cottage Grove. The ensuing recession proved difficult for James, who ended up filing for bankruptcy liquidation in late 2013. After a difficult but brief closure, Bocci repurchased the Gray’s assets from bankruptcy and reopened, having brought back several of the “veteran” staff from his previous ownership.

We are very excited to be back in business and we hope that you will find the Gray’s that pleased so many good customers during the last decade!